Map for Fijis Vulnerable Community

By: Aleen Prasad, OSM Fiji Volunteer

Due to the Fiji Islands geographic complexity and its severity to natural disaster, it is salient that we have up to date maps before disasters strike in order to better respond to areas affected by natural phenomena such as tropical cyclones, flooding, and other disasters. It also supports aid agencies, government ministries and non-government organizations to achieve improved informed decisions and deliver assistance and emergency supplies to vulnerable communities affected.

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is an online, crowdsourced mapping platform – and a Map-a-thon can be seen as a ‘mapping party’, where users are able to update missing data in a short period of time.

Mapthons are one of the many platforms where you and likeminded individuals, can contribute by helping the Open Street Map Community in Fiji, by making a real impact through creating data and updating an open-source map of vulnerable communities.

If you have always been keen on attending a map-a-thon then you are in luck as Open Street Map Fiji will be hosting their second virtual map-a-thon on the 30th of June!  The aim of the Map-a-thon is to create awareness about Open Street Maps and to map buidlings within Viti Levu, while staying within our containment zones.

You do not need any prior mapping experience, just a computer and an internet connection, and you can map anytime.

and make a difference by tracing building footprints, roads and waterways from drone and satellite imagery. The software is super simple and quite easy to learn, and we will have skilled users on deck to help if you encounter any problems.

Despite the lockdown this gives us a great opportunity to connect, network and engage with different individuals from different fields of expertise share the same passion for creating a sustainable future for our island, while building a stronger and better society and environment by improving free GIS mapping for Fiji.

Register for our mapathon via the link. Fijian mappers are eligible for 2GB of data to connect virtually and map.

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