Open Data Socialisation Workshops

These workshops were one of three events OSM Fiji had began hosting in 2021. ODSWs aim to introduce open data, and highlight the benefits of open data and complimenting open source systems, software and tools. OSM Fiji were spotlighting local as well as Pacific guest speakers like Leba Gaunavinaka, Mika Daveta and Conway Pene who provided industry examples of open data creation, use and open tools and systems. We hoped to have had relayed the benefits that open data can play in a local geospatial context, as well as highlight the importance of these datasets for humanitarian decision making.

As of March 2022 Open Data Socialisation Workshops are no longer run and have since been overtaken by OSM Fiji’s Crash Course Series which run hour long training sessions.

OSM Fiji Mapathons

OSM Fiji is hosting (and co-hosting) a number of mapathons virtually via the Tasking Manager. Currently OSM Fiji is slowly building the foundation of knowledge and skills for local mappers, through the adding of buildings. We aim to build these local mappers confidence and will in future add on more attributes such as roads, rivers, settlement areas and release more tags in later workshops. Mobile data has been provided to attendees to help facilitate attendance.

Our focus has only been on mapping buildings and as of the 28th of June there have been over 12000 edits made from these three projects.

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